Boredom… the monster returns.

March 16, 2008 at 7:45 pm (Grad School, Planning for the Future)


It’s been probably around 3 weeks since I gave up WoW, but two of them haven’t been spent at home, so the separation was easier.

Now, the move to find other ways to entertain myself begins, to avoid the, “ugh, I hate WoW so much, but I could really use a way to kill an afternoon right now”. “Gulliver’s Travels”, and the tabs for “Ace of Spades” in Guitar World, will do nicely as a replacement. \m/

Also, in other news, I put together a powerpoint presentation with requisite information and a detailed plan for my attendance of grad school for my parents.

I’ll be taking out loans for the expenses, but they’ve promised to help out a bit with housing (if I get into Villanova, it’ll be a stipend for rent for an apartment, if I get into a more local school, it’ll be I get to stay in my room), and they were thoroughly impressed. I covered everything, from requirements, benefits, major choice, and finances to the general five-year plan involved.

They also made the mistake of saying, offhand, “We don’t care what you do, as long as your facts are straight”… so I dressed for the occasion, wearing a tie on my forehead, elf shorts (as in, they’re red and green and have bells on them), a dress shirt, a hawaiian shirt, a martial arts belt, boots, and my sister’s scarf in place of a regular tie. Glorious.

I addressed them in a very business-like manner, right down to my pink flamingo pen, and I was amazed at how composed they were through the whole process, and how we were able to have a serious conversation when I was dressed like an absolute maniac.

I was also amazed at how damn good my legs look in boots.



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Getting paid to complain?

March 11, 2008 at 4:28 pm (Grad School)

So I’m crashing out here at Villanova, in a room that makes the average jail cell look comfortable, hanging out with my sister. She’s the best.

She’s also slightly deranged, but her friends are just as whacky.

So what’m I doing here?

Grad school, baby.

I sat in on a class last night, and for all the months I worked at Apple, I finally feel like I’m using my brain at a higher level. Lots of interesting stuff, as it’s on Organizational Communications, a subject I have no experience with but am incredibly intrigued by. The prof was awesome, very accommodating, and I even participated.

Well, despite having 4 hours of sleep. I’m still surprised that I made as much sense as I did.

But anyway, grad school’s definitely the ticket. Once i got past the earth-shattering revelation that I would in no way be able to handle five classes a semester, full-time student or not (I’m used to taking five classes, even six), and I wouldn’t be out in a year, everything started making a bit more sense.

Plus, the prof mentioned what he does outside of teaching – consulting for companies, looking at channels of communication / data and telling them, objectively, what’s lacking or misdirected, and helping them achieve what they want to by offering directions or suggestions.

I think it’s awesome that people would actually pay somebody to objectively look at their company and tell them what they’re doing wrong. I think it’s more awesome that I could be that person.

Also, there were a couple cute as hell lady grad students there.


-Brian / Track

P.S. Sleeping on floors is highly underrated. Dorms, as I recalled all too late, are highly overrated. But I was very happy to find out that good local apartments can be had for as little as $500 a month with a roommate. Cheaper than back home!

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