Moved in and all that.

August 25, 2008 at 4:37 pm (Uncategorized)

I picked up a copy of what has since become my new favorite book, Stephen King’s “On Writing : A Memoir of the Craft”. I really just dig it, big-time.

But oddly enough, our new neighbors (me and my sister’s) are kind of like us. There’s a single mom raising two kids who are like more extreme versions of, yes, us. The boy is the biggest Sci-Fi / Fantasy nut I’ve ever met in my LIFE, and incredibly lazy. As in, barely goes to school, just wants to read, dreams of a story that never ends and always changes. Y’know, like a Neverending Story that doesn’t get sued by Lionel Hutz for false advertising.

I really sympathize with the mom on this one. I know I wasn’t exactly the easiest kid to raise; but then again, I grew up in a very sterile, individualized environment. My parents didn’t have friends their age – my dad came home, turned on the TV, and tuned out. Mom tried to compensate, but just ended up being overbearing. 

Well, she was overbearing to begin with, but before Dad tuned out, she was a bit more tolerable.

And I’ve had friends like the kid. Friends who just found real life too uncomfortable, wanted something distant and exciting and foreign that’d bring them away from where they were. A few of them were gamers, but others were drinkers and drug users.

I guess I’ll try and do the nice thing – take the time to hang out with the kid once a week, give him somebody to talk to, and maybe bring him out of the shell a little bit. He’s stubborn as hell, but so am I, and I’m a grad student. I have time!

(this isn’t to say I’m going to neglect everybody else – I plan on hanging out with a ton of people and really making the most of my grad experience. I think of this as paying it forward – I had to go through the same thing, and I just hope I can make his life a little better with my experience, and maybe he’ll do the same for somebody else, should he come to be in such a situation.)


P.S. Writing is a fun interlude for grad school studying. Going to make all of the corrections and re-write ideas I’ve had for the past couple weeks for the novel, and then, re-read my classwork for tonight, which has already been read twice and highlighted.

To put this in perspective, two years ago I wouldn’t have even gotten the books yet, or looked at my schedule, much less thought of writing something for fun.

Times change, eh?


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