Crazy weekend, described twitter-style.

May 26, 2008 at 7:04 pm (Uncategorized)

Van halen. Met friend, ridiculously drunk. Got shirt like old-school pinup models. Saw kid from high-school, good times. Puked in sink. helped them move a guy in who got more drunk the night before than I did, and more cheaperly too. damn him. Hopped a bus home, had a nice Dharma experience walking. Came to the realization that my town is an elephant graveyard. My bones tread carefully and lightly through the ashes and dust.

next day, friend and i resumed the search for a suitable gift for our friend’s sister’s wedding. Got it almost immediately. Got it + candles with a 20% coupon and a gift card. Had a good talk with his girlfriend, started making plans for his birthday. went to wedding, very pretty. We had a brew in the car. he played bejeweled during the wedding. Watched our friend play three-card monte with bridal crowns (greek orthodox).

met cool girl, friend macking it pretty hard to her, but in a fun way. Saw friend’s dad dancing. Awesome, gave him my tie to wear on his head. Met one of friend’s cousins, who got assaulted by a potted plant.

I headbutted it for him.

Group hangout / date tonight. Should be good, she’s cute and quite literate.



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