April 24, 2008 at 4:22 pm (Uncategorized)

After the last month or so of feeling blah, I guess I’ll have to own up to Mirsh’s description of me as incredibly upbeat and enthusiastic. I’m back to my old self, I guess. 😀

In a twist of irony, it’s death that’s making me feel this way. My grandma’s been in the hospital since last week; her emphysema is in its last stages. The doctors say she’s maybe got a month left, tops; sorry Grandma, guess you won’t see me get married after all. I feel sad that this is going to happen, but we knew it was coming for years; the smoking finally caught up to her, way after she quit.

So why am I still so happy? Because she’s a reminder of life being worth enjoying. She does nothing but complain, harp about how miserable her life is, et cetera; but she still loves to see her grandkids. She even gave me a present the last time I saw her – a jaw harp that was her grandfather’s. It’s a pretty nifty thing.

My point is, even when you’re dying, you don’t want people to stop living. You want them to keep living, and to have something of you in their memory.

Touching on the passing of a fellow WoW-er this week, I think that’s the kind of legacy they’d leave behind for their kindred in Aetherial Circle. I know BRK’s doing a 500 Moo Salute for it, but I think just keeping DrMooPhd would be good enough.

Like Nikki Sixx wrote in “Life is Beautiful”, There’s nothing like a funeral to make you feel alive.

On that note, take that appreciation you have for life, and send kind thoughts, prayers, good mojo, and most excellent vibes to the collective gaming clan of Xaren and Khella, from Project X. Their sons and daughters-in-law, who all play with the guild, gave birth to two wonderful new babies a few days ago – one of the babies, however, is in critical condition.

The little girl’s since stabilized, but she’s barely had a chance to live yet. Send some of that love you’ve got in your hearts their way – not just for her, but for the whole gang.

Please. It’d mean a lot to me, and I know it’d mean even more to them.



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  1. Mirshalak said,

    Yes, Brian. For every birth, a death, and for every death, a birth.

    Truthfully, we’re not sufficiently balanced in that area; they’re saying that the population will have doubled again by 2030, at the current rate. That’s getting to be too many people for the planet to handle, especially given our current way of life.

    We’ve been a culture fixated on birth and life; but we tend to shy away from the less comfortable concept of death…but both actually serve us.

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