From Bellz – What Do You Remember

April 24, 2008 at 4:57 am (WoW)

Lovingly stolen from Ms. Bellwether :

I remember the time my baby Orc Warrior tanked Verdan the Everliving in Wailing Caverns, and how I was overcome with awe in how big it was, while it stomped my green ass.
Now, I want to see Brutallus go ass-over-teakettle.

I remember healing an instance for the first time.
Now, I wouldn’t dream of going back to it.

I remember my friend’s boyfriend sending me a gold in the mail after I had accidentally sold my green sword of ownage at level 15, and thought I’d be boned because I couldn’t replace it without killing tons of mobs with a skinning knife, and how grateful I was.
Now, I realize how little it was to him, but still appreciate how much it meant to me.

I remember being drafted by Defiance as a level 9 priest.
I remember leaving Defiance as a level 64 priest, and giving up on healing shortly thereafter.

I remember meeting up with a new friend in that guild, and RPing as twin priests. I was the bad one. XD
I remember losing touch, because she was loyal to a guild leader that was a douche and a jackass.

I remember running Scarlet Cathedral 15 times and losing two Need rolls on these:
I remember running Shadow Labs once and nailing the Need roll on this.

I remember how cool the first time I saw Orgrimmar was.
I still remember how cool it is to go through the front gates.

I remember spending thirty minutes running a friend through Deadmines, and spending an hour and a half just goofing around outside the instance, and having a barbecue.
I think about that every time I have a shitty instance group, and how it’s the people you’re with more so than what you’re doing.

I remember raiding for the first time. Zul’Gurub was nice at first, but then got rough, and kind of awkward when I realized nobody knew what they were doing. (wow, why does that sound like another kind of first time?)

I remember grinding on blue dragons in Azshara at 2 in the morning, listening to Jennifer Batten playing Giant Steps by Coltrane. I don’t know why, I can’t stand Jazz or Fusion, but I really wanted to hear that song.

I remember freaking out when I didn’t know how to give my pet new abilities.
I remember smiling when I helped a newbie realize he had to finish his class quests in order to learn the first rank of Growl.

I remember that cougars are the Murlocs of Mulgore, and much like regular cats, our eternal conflict carries over into the virtual realm.
I remember triggering the Cage o’ Murlocs quest in Zangarmarsh, and laughing for a good solid minute.

I remember spending two days trying to tame Echeyakee – one to level up to where he was, and another to finagle the taming.
I remember getting rid of him, and feeling more attached to the bear I tamed named “Snuggles”, that I tamed on a whim.

I remember not knowing what people meant when they said “tank” or “DPS”.
Now, I know to ask if we have heals or CC.

I remember when I thought Night Elves were awesome.
…and secretly, I still think they’re cool, but they’ve lost their coolness due to everybody and their mother rolling Night Elves. By that virtue, Trolls are the coolest race ever.

I remember my first encounter with Stitches.
And subsequent “OH HI *facemelting*” encounters.

I remember hearing about Survival for the first time.
Now, I wish I had been with it from the start.

I remember thinking I was never going to reach 70.

I remember when Wyvern flights were cool.

I remember stepping through the Outland gates for the first time, and getting stomped by a Fel Reaver about thirty minutes later.

I remember taking down two Hordies at once on my Priest for the first time.

I remember realizing that most of the stuff BRK talked about at will, I had figured out on my own.
(well, except for the kiting thing.)
Then I started SHA.

Thanks, Bell. There’s more, but it’s been a nice trip down memory lane.



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  1. Bellwether said,

    It’s always nice to reflect on where you’ve been 🙂

    Glad to help!

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