April 23, 2008 at 4:33 am (Uncategorized)

That’s how old I am now.

But I gave myself a nice kick-ass b’day present; went to go see Gigantour in NYC. Was gonna go with a friend, but they backed out (politely). Whatev, I go anyway.

I miss Job for A Cowboy and High On Fire because of traffic / late departure; no big. Seen the latter before, will check out the former at another time. Got there halfway through Children of Bodom’s set – which was pretty badass, but I think I missed at least one of my favorite songs off Follow the Reaper.

Then… IN FLAMES. HO-leee crap, I love this band. They break in with a song off the new album, and follow up with “Leeches”. Then, Clayman. Then, another new song. Then, a song off Jester Race that I couldn’t recognize. Then… “Come Clarity”, followed by “Take This Life”, followed by something off Colony. Good times.

And lastly. The man. The myth. The object of my mandulation – Dave fucking Mustaine and Megadeth. To say that they played every song I hoped they would is an understatement. Every song was a high point. Only down point was that I couldn’t hear the new guitar guy… mostly ’cause I was getting squashed up near the front. (But I was about 10 feet from Dave, it’s forgivable). Holy crap, that was an awesome show.

It’s funny, when you hit a milestone in terms of years, people expect wisdom of you. A friend asked me if I had learned anything in the past year; I’ve learned that I don’t know shit in the grand scheme of things, and that there’s always more to know.

Oh, and I started a Warlock. Shibby.




  1. one among many said,

    Quiet Place by In Flames is my favorite song…they rock! So awesome that you got to see them!

  2. Backseat Elvis said,

    Mmm. It was my second time seeing In Flames; at this point, if I get another chance to see them again, I will, and continue to do so.

    I have a feeling they’ll be around for a while, and end up being an institution of metal, provided Anders can keep screaming for years to come. I mean, the stuff they wrote back in ’96 still sounds fresh in 2008; it’s hard for any band to accomplish that.

    They didn’t play Quiet Place, though. They also didn’t play Satellites and Astronauts (which is one of my faves; I love the mispronunciation of Astronauts as “Oh-stroh-nowts”), but they still kicked ass, and I wish I could’ve heard more of the guitar melodies in the overall mix. (once again, being up near the front is fun, but has its distinct aural disadvantages)

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