April 16, 2008 at 2:47 pm (Uncategorized)

I hate not making good impressions.

In the past two days, I’ve had to welch on instance runs with Project X, more or less at the beginning of a Steamvaults run last night, and a Mana Tombs run the night prior, which was halfway done.

There was a family emergency on Monday night – it’s OK, my g’parents are fine, just a little scare, ’cause my grandmother started bleeding from her nose due to the oxygen tanks she’s on. Basically, just enough time to shut down the computer and get in the car.

Now, last night, i was fully expecting to have the time for Steamvaults. I needed the rep, it was about 8ish when we started, and just as we started getting through the Bog Lord pulls at the beginning, two things happen. 1) our healer gets rocked and is making a corpse run, and 2) my parents decide it’s the perfect time for a “state of the union” speech.

Y’see, it’s been almost two months since I left Apple. I’m still living at home, natch, so that doesn’t really do much for me in terms of personal freedom. All the computers in the house, including my laptop, are centrally located in a single room. If there was a desk in my room, I’d be in there with a really long Ethernet cord; unfortunately, there isn’t, so I have to play while getting nagged about it. (I’m almost 23 and I’m still getting Mom aggro.)

They want to know that I’ve got the grad school thing under control, and the job application thing as well. That normally takes all of five minutes, as I’ve gotten good at budgeting my time in terms of getting stuff done during the day, and I give them my itinerary.

But this one drags on for an additional fifty-five minutes. Because, at 23, I’m still playing computer games, they’ve absolutely convinced themselves that I’m not a responsible person. We go through the allergy medication I’m on. The people I need to contact this week. The chores that I do, without being asked. That they’re worried I don’t have the motivation to get out of here, and that I’ll be living at home for the next decade. They’re worried that all the temp agencies I’ve got my resume at aren’t helping me. They’re worried because they’re worried so much.

Meanwhile, I’ve been kicked from my group, the time I set aside for the run is officially kaput, and I have the distinct feeling I pissed off one of the officers because of the Real Life thing. I can explain one night, but having the same behavior happen twice, two nights in a row, is suspect.

If I get the publishing job, I don’t care about how much it costs. As soon as I get some kind of pay increase from the beginning salary, I’m out – I can’t move out on $30k around here, but if it bumps to 35-36, I can afford it.

If I get the job and get into Villanova, I’m thinking I’ll do the job for a couple months, put in my resignation, and go to Villanova for the Master’s.

If I don’t get the job, then I’ll keep up the effort and find something.

They’ve got good reason to be worried about that stuff. It’s important. But the degree to which they’re worried is unreasonable.

I’m fine, honestly. Just because I want to play a computer game instead of watching Dancing with The Stars doesn’t make me a lazy good-for-nothing.

I hate making bad impressions on people, but somehow, it ends up happening anyway.




  1. Cait said,

    I can see how that could piss people off…not having ample warning. Parents are like that, especially ones that have never even touched a video game in their life. instead of sitting on your butt watching American Idol (which is apparently allowed) you sit and play Warcraft…which is apparently an abomination. I never did understand that.

    You should really set aside some time when your parents will not be around – to really group for an extend period of time with your new guild. Show them you can do whatever it is you do – without interruption. Parent aggro is a part of your life though and they will have to accept that.

  2. Backseat Elvis said,

    Exactly. And I totally understand why they’d be pissed at me; I agreed to do this thing, we’re doing it, and then BAM, kid goes AFK in the middle of a lull. Good kid, but not coming to raids unless he can be more dependable.

    I want and need to do exactly what you suggested; and if I were living anywhere else, I’d be able to. My parents hardly ever leave the house; my mom’s a workaholic, constantly doing stuff for her job, and constantly worrying about everything.

    I think the best thing I can do is get Track raid-ready and doing dailies / BG’s for whatever else he can get, and work on an alt in the meantime. If I’m doing solo quests and on, I can at the very least keep a positive presence in the guild, even if I’m not raiding.

  3. Janece aka Khella said,


    X and I have a 23 year old (and a 20 year old and an 11 year old and a 7 year old). You *never* stop getting Mom aggro, sorry. =P Moms worry and so they need to hear that you have stuff under control frequently. It has to do with US not having any control anymore. Both our 23 and our 20 year old sons are about to be Dads. TONS of parent aggro based on that lately! lol Anyhow, fyi, X is not mad, but if you let him know what’s up, he will totally get it. He was a twentyish year old guy living with his parents once too. (Only then, they threw a fit about him talking to ME online at all hours! O-O)

    Just talk to us, sweetie. We may have kids your age, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t cool. lol
    Janece (Khella, aka X’s wife)

  4. Cait said,

    Yeah, work on that at least (getting raid ready on your own time) and don’t burden the guild with the possibility of going AFK…at least not until you’re certain you can for sure stay for the entire raid.

    In other news…I outed myself about being in Azeroth again in the blog.


  5. Arrens said,

    Sweet Jeebus. Between you, me, Cait and Laser Chicken, it appears the siren’s call of WoW has us at its beck and call. I even restarted a WoW RP blog, for what it’s worth. I am, in fact, mildly retarded.

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