And the decision is…

April 13, 2008 at 4:51 pm (Uncategorized)

I’m coming back to WoW.

I’ve put the character transfer in motion; in a matter of days, Trackhoof will be putting his hoof mark on Drenden.

As I’ve said, i’ve had a very positive experience with Project X. But if it were based on that alone, I would’ve done just as well to stay on Ravenholdt.

I wanted to switch because my playing is going to be casual – strictly for fun. If I raid, I raid. If I do dailies, I do dailies. If chain-trap everything from here to Kalamazoo in an instance…you get the idea.

I was hanging out with my friend Tom (a.k.a Questor) last night, and he made the point that clinched it for me. Our old guild is going places. But Tom won a roll on the shield from Gruul’s, and he’s effectively locked into a full-time tanking position for the guild. These guys are serious.

Project X, on the other hand, is deciding between naming their progress groups “Team Pie & Team Cake” or “Team Swedish Chefs & Team Pigs in Space”. They have in-game events, like Darts. Organized World PVP. And there are other Survival Hunters (good ones, at that), so I’m not in a position to be pressured to raid.

Will I miss playing with my friends? Sure. But I’ll still be able to talk about the game with them, and I’ll still see them in real life. This is more about what I wanted to get out of the game, and I’ll be able to get that with Project X.

Finally, the question that some of you may have been waiting for. Will I open SHA back up, with the playing again and all that?


I will update it as I see fit. Some people argue there’s so much more to write about. I could write a whole entry on shot rotations, but you could just as easily get that anywhere else. It wouldn’t have my panache, natch, but the information is out there.

If there’s one thing I’ve been trying to teach, Eric Cartminez style, it’s that any self-respecting hunter needs to do their homework. (or pull a Bill Belichick.)

Never should you take my words as gospel. They are to be appreciated, debated, challenged, et cetera, and that only comes when you do the work yourselves. I’ve said that Hunters should only go for 2v2 for fun. This is partially true; a good hunter can do well in a 2v2 bracket, but ONLY if they’re paired with a Druid. Sad truth.

If somebody goes into a 2v2 with the attitude that, because they don’t have a Druid for a partner, they’re going to lose, that ruins that aspect of the game for them.

But if they go in knowing they’re just there to get the thrills out of it and have fun, then they enjoy it that much more. That is why I neglected to mention the Druid thing.

If you did the work and figured it out on your own, you’d see why I emphasized the other brackets. You have more freedom as a Hunter to work with pairings that you may come across, and you can get an even greater satisfaction out of the game when you do well, instead of pitting you against partner when a mess-up occurs.

To date, there have been 7,000 views of Survival Hunters Anonymous. This isn’t anything big by other standards; but to me, it’s huge. Even assuming that it’s a couple people a day, if they were all new to it, then I’ve reached some people, and got them to think about going with Survival.

I got them to think about using what is, proportionally, the most un-popular tree in the game, and helped get them together with other great minds on the subject, when the forums scream that only a cat jockey can be successful. Mirsh and Rilgon have said that the game’s on the skids, and that Hunters are dying, but they will hold on.

Enjoy the time you have left; that’s really all you can do. That’s what I’m doing.




  1. Mirshalak said,

    Welcome back, Brian.

    I had a feeling you’d come back. 🙂

  2. Cait said,

    I’m glad you chose to come back for new reasons – with guidelines so to speak. Have fun with the game. Once it becomes boring or “not fun” take a step back and see what went wrong. What old habits you fell into perhaps. That sort of thing. I love playing the game these days with someone special. (i’m so cheesey heh) It’s always a blast and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  3. kotaros said,

    Hi mate – it seems I’m waaaaay behind the times, so welcome back to WoW 🙂

    I’ve had to do the whole name-changer, server change thing, and have joined a guild comprised of old faces that I know, plus a few close friends. Aside from two weeks of broken interwebs, it’s been very enjoyable 🙂

    Take care, look forward to checking out your blog again 🙂

    – Obeah (Kotaro)

  4. Vixenytli & Chuck said,

    good to have you back! I knew the hiatus wouldn’t be long.

  5. Dammerung said,

    On Drenden say hi to Dammerung(Orc shaman) if you like… wife and I moved over there a month or two back.

    P.s. Thanks for the survival posts. Gives me something to read up on for my alt.

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