April 7, 2008 at 10:42 pm (Uncategorized)


Job Interview went fairly well. Pay’s good for that particular position, was hoping for more, but considering how long they believe I could be at that level (a couple months tops), it’ll change quickly. I can shine on with the whole living at home for a little longer, anyway.

For the most part, I asked some good questions, but stumbled a bit on the ones that the HR lady asked me – for “favorite literary character” my gut response would’ve been Raskolnikov from Crime and Punishment… but nobody wants to say “hey, I think the redeemed psycho murderer-student from a dark, depressing hallmark of Russian Literature’s a great one to bring up in an interview”, so I went to my second fave, Ikkyu Sojun, who’s not so much a literary figure as he is an actually awesome guy.

I was all nerves, honestly. I was excited and nervous and hooooolllyyyyycraaaaaaaaaap, I was excited and nervous.

My interview with ProjectX was a lot more laid-back. They’re a bunch of really cool people who love having alts, and love helping new characters out. They’re really nice, and funny. I feel like I’m definitely fitting in – I’m playing my Shaman alt in their guild so I can better make my decision, and guild chat’s fairly lively.

So, in about 5 days, the answer will be official. What the answer is… I can’t say. I just know it’ll be the right one.



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  1. Cait said,

    That’s awesome Brian! Really happy for you. And whatever choice you make about the game, make it for yourself – not because you feel like you have to play (i.e. making it clear that it’s just an addiction).

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