Good news…and bad news.

April 3, 2008 at 4:01 pm (Planning for the Future, WoW)

I’ve got an interview for an entry-level position at HarperCollins on Monday!


It would be a good fit for me and my skills, and depending on how it goes, if I get into graduate school, I might put it off for a year so I could get some more experience. (and lewts.)


But, on the down side, I’m running into a bit of a snag.

Another friend of mine went back to WoW.

He’s playing with our other friend, who’s rolling with his friends Alliance-side.

All that talk has me thinking of going back… but I know I wouldn’t go back to Ravenholdt, and I doubt I’d go and play with my friends on their server. (Once You Go Horde…um…I don’t know, you come up with something witty.)

The people I miss on Ravenholdt stopped playing, and the old guild’s done. I looked up a guild or two, and think I found a *really* good one on another server.

They’re not recruiting hunters, but it’s a good fit for what I’d want in a guild, and that’s what’s most important. Plus, I’m not terribly impressed with the caliber of their hunters. 😐

I’m really conflicted about this. Quitting felt like I was breaking up to get out of a bad relationship, but I also needed to grow.

But me going back to the game is ignoring everything that made me quit in the first place… which was the lack of people willing to help out, the new environment, and the absence of fun in where I was. I’d be going back to something bad for me, just because it’s comfortable.

But on the other hand, if, say, I DID get into this new guild, their attitude would be a good home for me. They’re remarkably organized, terribly friendly on forum posts (Friendly? Horde? What the deuce?) , and all about helping the rest of the guild out.

To not give them a shot would be like having one bad relationship, and then proceeding to stay celibate for the rest of my life, just because I think all relationships are like that.

So I’ve got a choice – keep growing the way I have, or to go back to the game with this new direction, and hopefully, have an entirely different experience.

It’s up to me, for the most part, but as the only people who comment here are Hershey and Cait, I would love to hear your opinions.




  1. Hershey said,

    I apologize ahead of time for the forthcoming wall of text.

    Believe me, my friend, I’ve thought about it. It wasn’t until I quit that I found out which RL friends actually play. Go figure. But the time-suck for me isn’t worth it. Not having to explain baby-aggro to my guild is good. Not having to explain that I’m in the middle of a Curator fight to my wife, could you please bring dinner to me, is good. Not having to come up with a lame excuse for my RL friends why I don’t particularly want to go to their Friday night poker game because I’ve commited to a Gruul’s run is good. That’s why I haven’t succumbed to the WoW siren’s alluring calls.

    Based upon what you wrote, the reason you quit was due to a lack of guild progression and what, I assume, was a lack of desire to guild-hop within your same server. If that’s the case and you don’t have the same real-life commitments I do (wife, child, job, school, etc..), I’d suggest switching realms. I did that twice and it extended my time in-game by about a year. For $25, you’d be able to start fresh, unknown and build your reputation on that server the way you want it. Obviously searching the forums would be essential to finding a guild you’d fit into (though searching the forums = /wrist), but, as you well know, that bit of research could make your time and money spent in-game infinitely more pleasing.

  2. trackhoof said,

    Funny thing is, I don’t actually want to roll to play with my friends. I’m sick of rolling and re-rolling, honestly.

    It wasn’t so much guild progression – they were almost done with SSC, had all but one boss down in ZA, and were just about to get started on The Eye. I was in a good guild for doing progression.

    It was the people, really, and the fact that whenever I wanted to get something done, there wasn’t anybody who would help. I had to play a LOT of catch-up to get where they were, and the fact that I was playing more casually mean it took months instead of weeks; combine that with an every-man-or-woman-for-themselves atmosphere, and it makes for not-good times.

    With this guild, on the different server, they’re exactly where I want to be in terms of progression (well, they have Kara groups, and they’re branching out into ZA, and ABOUT to hit Gruul’s). BUT, the atmosphere is very different. The site is well organized, the leader seems very friendly and active in her guild’s affairs, and from what I’ve read about them on their server’s forums, it’s nothing but good things.

    I am considering the realm switch, but only if I were to get into this guild. Even then, I’m still pensive on going back to the game.

    BTW, here’s the link to their site.

    There’s also the added bonus of possibly ganking BRK. πŸ˜›

  3. trackhoof said,

    P.S. I’m looking at in terms of changing colleges / moving. You want to go someplace you’re comfortable and you’ll like, not because your friend goes there. πŸ˜›

  4. Cait said,

    In all honesty, I returned to the game a couple weeks ago. Depression and feeling alone are not something I enjoy. I chose to re-enter the world with someone I care about. I brought my (at that time) 66 druid to his server and started a couple alts as well. He also rolled an alt with me on Hawk’s server – so we’re two lvl 19 hunters right now.

    We play 100% for fun. We don’t farm. We don’t play the auction house or focus on gold and buying crap. We like to pvp when we can which is why I’m trying hard to get my druid to lvl 70. Playing in game with him allows me to feel closer to someone who lives states away. If I lived there it may have been different and I may not have ever returned to the game. However, I can’t afford much as far as entertainment goes and have no friends nearby, thus the choice came.

    I don’t play on Hawk much as I am not going to be doing any end game content with him. I don’t do dailies, etc. I only focus on the “fun” aspects of the game and what I feel will never make me feel like it’s a job or make me unhappy.

    Under the circumstances I am in, playing again was just something that would make me happy. Therefore, I am once again in Azeroth – and you are the first “blogger” to know about it. I don’t intend to write about it.

  5. trackhoof said,

    Yeah, I know how it feels. If it weren’t for the fact that I know a couple people my age from work, and two of my best friends are still in the area, I’d feel really alone, too, and go back in a heartbeat.

    I’m glad that you’re playing for fun. As long as you’re back to it, you might as well be doing it for the right reasons, eh? πŸ™‚

  6. Cait said,

    “I’m glad that you’re playing for fun. As long as you’re back to it, you might as well be doing it for the right reasons, eh?”

    Exactly πŸ™‚

  7. Pike said,

    That’s a tough call, I myself don’t see anything particularly bad in going back– though you may also want to give it a little extra time to think about it.

    I don’t know how it works for other people, but for me anyway, I know I am officially “over” something when I try to go back to it and have no interest in it. I’ve tried dozens of times to go back to various games and activities that I quit– occasionally I can get back into it, for limited amounts of time– but for the most part… if I’m over a game, I’ll know it. Cause I’ll play it and not be interested and quit after a couple days. Perhaps that would be what it’s like with you and WoW. Perhaps you’d go back and realize “Oh wow, I really am over this game” and that’d be that and you’d have a sense of finality. Or perhaps you’d realize there are still aspects of it that you enjoy and choose to stick around. I can’t say cause you’re not me πŸ˜›

    Anyways. Good luck with it all πŸ™‚

  8. survivalhuntersanonymous said,

    Thanks, Pike.

    That’s what I’m thinking, that it’ll be a decision over the course of the next two weeks or so. It’s not a “ZOMG WHAT DID I DO!!! *reinstall*” thing. I remember how I went out last time. I didn’t like what was happening, and I just didn’t like the state I was in, as well as the prevailing attitude of the guild.

    Plus, my friends aren’t much help. They want me to play with them, but as much as I love them, they’re not the kind of people I’d really play with regularly. So them saying “ohh, you should come baaack” isn’t really persuasive, but it put the bug in my brain that got this whole process rolling.

    I also agree in terms of fun – if it isn’t, I’ll know right away. if it is, we’ll see.

    I guess we’ll know by my birthday or so whether or not I’m playing again. The subscription runs out in May, so if I decide not to renew it, no big loss.

  9. Mirshalak said,

    If you want to get to Thaurissan, you won’t have to play catchup on your own. Squigherder and me can help you.

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