A Blog Without Direction

March 31, 2008 at 6:34 pm (Uncategorized)

If there’s one thing I definitely miss about discontinuing Survival Hunters Anonymous, it’s having a blog with direction.

(if there’s two things I miss, the second would be forcing people to type “Anonymous” correctly.)

I knew I wanted to have two quality posts a week, I knew they had to relate to Survival and Hunter-ing, and I knew they had to have my personal spin on them. Chances are if I knew how some people, like Matticus, had organized their time blog-wise, and used time-stamping, I would’ve been a bit *more* efficient, but that’s besides the point. I knew what I wanted to get covered, and it was fun.

For me, the research and the writing was the easy part. The hard part was coming up with what to write about. The concerns of the Hunters in my guild weren’t the same as those of the Vox Populi; I wanted to address the things that Hunters and reformed Huntards had in mind.

Simultaneously, it was the very concept of the thing that was appealing to me. I wish I had the pure knowledge of lore that would’ve helped me write out some of Track’s misadventures like the Egotistical Priest; but I could never really separate Trackhoof from who I am, so it was never about the character (as awesome as that would have been), but more so about the person behind the character.

I also liked the idea of helping people. Yes, it was helping them in a video game; but when you think about what kind of game it was, it’s like teaching a kid who rides a bike the finer points of driving manual. It was part of the growth process in the game – and frankly, I love teaching people and watching them grow.

One of the posters over at BlogAzeroth, Bbr, noted that “a true artist’s work is never done” when I stated that SHA was done. He’s right; but an artist also knows when he’s accomplished what he set out to do, or make.

And in regards to my statement of being at the peak of my skill, and leaving at the top of my game – do I still feel that way, one month later?

Yes, I do. I would love to say that there is so much more, a wealth of knowledge out there to learn about the Hunter class; but there really isn’t. The subtlety that exists is mostly within the number-crunching; the realm of the truly “hardcore”.

Thing is, very little of the stuff that will make an impact on game play is through the massive degree of number-crunching that forum guys’ll do. The biggest impact is from educating players to the importance of common sense. Hunters get to the end-game, and wonder how to chain trap, what the “best spec” is, what they should do in raids, et cetera – this is stuff they should be learning to do all along.

That’s why I didn’t delete my blog. That’s why I made an extra post or two. People are still looking for information, for guidance. For direction.

And while I’m not going to make a bodhisattva-esque return, saying “Here i am, my brothers and sisters! I have come back to guide you! I will free you of the Freeze Traps on your minds and the Wyvern Stings confusing your hearts, and lead you down the Golden Path of Hunterdom!”, I believe in the principles of passing on knowledge, and I feel it is downright criminal to deprive people of it.

The greatest teachers of Buddhism, along with every other religion, had their lessons passed down any which way they could, so that willing pupils could find them and enlighten themselves – thus, great minds of ages past could continue to instruct for eternity.

So while I understand the plights of people who want to cut off all their ties to things that they feel they wish to distance themselves from, I disapprove of those who leave an audience bereft of knowledge.

After all, knowledge is the power that helps you make changes in your life – and that is the greatest strength anyone will ever have.

– Brian


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  1. Hershey said,

    Totally agree. It’s a helluva lot harder to write a blog about nothing in particular than to focus on a singular topic. The freedom’s a bit better. Nobody knows what to expect, and I rather like that aspect. But it’s tough to come up with a new post easily without it feeling forced.

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