March 22, 2008 at 9:12 pm (Uncategorized)

So one of my good friends and I went out for drinks and karaoke last night; mostly just karaoke.

Unfortunately, we a) live in New Jersey, and b) have been unable to find a suitable bar with a karaoke night and patrons our age, so we sucked it up and went to a local joint populated by the forty-plus age bracket.

It was a good hang. We had a little bit of sacrilegious fun as we duetted on “Sympathy for the Devil”, one of my all-time favorite Stones songs (on Good Friday, no less).

We also were talking about our state of affairs. He’s a teacher, I’m a potential grad student.

Neither of us is where we want to be going right now, naturally, but the worst part of it all is that where we ARE is the pits.

We weren’t the cool kids in high school, naturally, but even then, the people we know who still live in the area aren’t the people we’d be hanging with anyway. And romantic prospects? Sheesh, forget it.

Our town, and the surrounding area, was a cow town up until the 1900’s; after that point, and to this day, it swelled to mediocrity, boasting more pizza places, sushi bars, and Chinese Take-Out joints than one can shake a stick at, with no other attractions outside of cut-rate shopping, fast food, gas, and…more fast food.

There are, however, a few bars within a two-mile radius of where I live, along with liquor stores, proving my theory that the town wants you to gorge yourself on crap food and then drink yourself into next week.

So, what does that leave young people to do?

Very little.

So, that in mind, he’s gone back to World of Warcraft, and playing with some friends from school to keep in touch.

And I honestly can’t blame him. I feel sad, but I did it for the same reasons when I leveled Trackhoof, so i can’t really blame him at all.


P.S. Turns out my old guild imploded. Such is life.


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