March 13, 2008 at 5:06 pm (Uncategorized, WoW)

Despite the advanced hour of the morning that this post is being written at (and I am loathe to say “morning” to begin with, since it’s damn near 12 pm), I still feel blah.

Yes, I couldn’t resist going to a college bar party.

Yes, I am aware that it was a Wednesday.

Yes, I didn’t get carded. (that in itself deserves a small degree of celebration.)

Yes, I am aware that, after the bartenders, doorman, and DJ, I was the oldest person there by a margin of anywhere from 1 to 4 years.

Also, I got the DJ to take a break from all the hip-hop and play some Cheap Trick. Originally, I was thinking Sex Pistols, or possibly Motorhead, but I figured on the following :

a) Cheap Trick kicks ass.
b) Sex Pistols might, sadly, be over the heads of many of these kids. Not everybody can get the party going to Anarchy in the UK.
c) I have a soft spot for making good party mixes. I wanted to give him an easy segue into “Don’t Stop Believin'” by Journey, which, of course, was his intention.

He also pulled out some Prince and, shocker, Corey Hart in between the random rap songs. I approve heavily of Prince. Always and in perpetuity.

(Well, except for that whole symbol-for-the-name-thing, that was just the tiniest bit whacked out.)

So, I was up with the night owls. Still rose with the eagles, as they say.

And this makes me happy. Well, it makes me sad that such a post needs to exist, as my firm belief is that it is not entirely that hard to play any class, one just needs to learn properly. And class-specific quests like the Rhok’delar and Lok’delar helped that, to a degree, pre-Burning Crusade. They provided reward and incentive for taking your skills to the next level.

My only suggestion, in retrospect, is that Blizz set up a second tier of class-learning quests, much like the initial “tame XYZ” quests for the Hunters and “heal ABC” for healers, but covering the slightly more advanced stuff – like, for instance, chain trapping.

God, a hunter not knowing how to chain trap is like putting a four-year old on the highway with a Lamborghini. It’s a fast, reckless, inevitable disaster.

But I digress. Life after WoW is good, and I’m happy that there are some educated folk out there to pass on the knowledge, even if there are a bunch of halfwits who wouldn’t know crowd control if it bit ’em in the ass.

Which, often, it does.



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  1. Caiti said,

    To the party: Nice – glad you convinced a bit of a change up music wise. More to my own taste. Though, I’m generally happy listening to whatever (i love music), but if I had a choice between Spineshank and Jay Z….well, you can assume I’d pick Spineshank over anyone really. Placebo as well…great/weird sound. And mad props to Journey. End of story. Don’t stop believin’!!!!! *sings* Yes, it’s on my mp3 player. Yes, some of their other stuff as well. Yes, my boss rocks and introduces me to lots of good music. Woot šŸ™‚

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