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March 8, 2008 at 11:37 pm (Uncategorized)

So, today, I was hanging with a couple of my friends, and we decided we’d head on down to the local game shop (oddly enough, with the whole going off WoW thing, I’m the sole friend who no longer plays video games, outside of playing games with them). They’ve got a Smash Bros. Brawl tournament.  One of my friends has pinned our entire day around this.

I participate, out of curiosity, and out of amusement, against 13 year olds and my friends, and another group of guys our age. Keep in mind I don’t have a Wii.

First match, I face a 13 year old. I soundly stomp his prepubescent ass, after figuring out the basic controls real quick.

Second match, it’s me vs. a computer. (We had an odd number, the computer was filling a spot, and the guy who fought the computer lost.) I proclaim it to be the most significant moment in computer-human relations since Kasparov vs. Deep Blue…

And after a long, drawn-out battle that raged for a full 60 seconds, we are vindicated, my fleshy brethren. I trounced that overgrown processor, and brought victory back within Humanity’s grasp. That’s right, SKYNET, today, you lost.

But I digress.

I lost to a 13 year old, which, as anybody knows, are the height of the twitch-game food chain, especially when they get a character they’re at least somewhat familiar with. You might know them better in WoW as the annoying little bugger who just can’t sit still, constantly hits the space bar out of boredom, and loves to /fart over everything.

Anyways, after that, two more guys come in, and get into the next tourney (somebody had to leave, and we were doing a second run for fun.)

It comes to their match-up, and the computer has randomly selected Diddy Kong for both of them.

They’re both black.


P.S. The Wii is clearly both a sore loser and terribly racist. But everybody had a good laugh about it, and nobody decided to sue Nintendo.



  1. Caiti said,

    Too funny about Diddy Kong. I used to have that game actually – only played it once or twice.

  2. one among many said,

    Oh and hey I just realized your awesome link to my blog! I love the (ex) added in there.


    You’re on me ol’ blogroll as well.

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